UserDataMap.GetItem2 operator




Returns the UserDataItem at the requested index within the cluster. The index must be in the range of 0 to UserDataMap.Count - 1. It returns a valid (but empty) object even if no user data has been assigned to the requested index.

Note: This is the Python-compliant version of the UserDataMap.Item property. Since Python does not support input parameters on properties, UserDataMap.Item will fail in Python.

C# Syntax

UserDataItem UserDataMap.GetItem2( Int32 in_ulIndex );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = UserDataMap.GetItem2( Index );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
Index Long Index of the component within the cluster. As with other cluster properties, the indexes of components within the cluster may not match the numbering of the component on the geometry. The mapping between the two systems can be determined using the ClusterElementCollection.

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