Stops and re-starts this TimerEvent with new timer values. An exception is raised if the timer values are both set to 0.

C# Syntax

TimerEvent.Reset( Int32 in_IntervalVal, Int32 in_DelayVal );

Scripting Syntax

TimerEvent.Reset( Interval, [Delay] );


Parameter Type Description
Interval Long This value specifies, in milliseconds, the amount of time to wait between each timer invocation. If the value is 0, the event timer is stopped (muted) after the first invocation. The timer can be restarted again by un-muting the event. If the value > 0, the timer will elapse indefinitely.
Delay Long The delay value, in milliseconds, is the amount of time to wait until the timer is first invoked. If the delay is set to 0, the timer starts immediately.

Default Value: 0

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