PolygonMesh.Get operator


Return a complete data description of polygon mesh.

Note: This method uses output arguments. C# and some scripting languages (such as JScript and PerlScript) don't support arguments passed by reference. However, there is a alternate version of this method which is considered safe to use with C#, JScript and PerlScript: PolygonMesh.Get2.

C# Syntax

PolygonMesh.Get( Object& out_vertices, Object& out_polygonData );

Scripting Syntax

PolygonMesh.Get( [Vertices], [PolygonData] );


Parameter Type Description
Vertices Array Array representing the polygon vertices. The array is a 2D array (Nx3) of x,y,z values.
PolygonData Array An ordered array of polygon definitions, each polygon is defined by a list of elements, the first element of a polygon definition must be set with the number of indices for that polygon. The ordering of vertices must respect a ccw ordering to get out going normals (right-hand rule). E.g. array of polygons with 4 indices each e.g. {4,0,1,4,3,4,1,2,5,4... }


VBScript Example

set oCube = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root.AddGeometry("Cube","MeshSurface")
oCube.ActivePrimitive.Geometry.Get aVertices, aPolygonData
set oNewCube = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root.AddPolygonMesh (aVertices, aPolygonData)