Creates and adds a Property to the PassContainer object.

C# Syntax

Property PassContainer.AddProperty( Object in_Preset, Boolean in_Branch, String in_name );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = PassContainer.AddProperty( Preset, [BranchFlag], [Name] );

Return Value

The new Property


Parameter Type Description
Preset Variant This argument contains either the name of a Property Preset or a string with the filename or full path to a Preset file.

It is also possible to specify the name of a CustomProperty that is installed as a PluginItem.

The type of property that is created is determined by this argument. For example, "CustomProperty" creates an empty CustomProperty and "UserDataBlob" creates a UserDataBlob.
BranchFlag Boolean When true the newly created Property will also appear under all the passes on the PassContainer

Default Value: false

Name String Represents the name of the new property (see SIObject.Name).

See Also

PassContainer.AddCustomProperty PassContainer.Properties CustomProperty UserDataMap UserDataBlob PluginRegistrar.RegisterProperty