NurbsSampleCollection.GetIndexFromUVSamplingCoordinate operator


Returns the index of the sample point at given a UV sampling coordinate value.

C# Syntax

Int32 NurbsSampleCollection.GetIndexFromUVSamplingCoordinate( Int32, Int32, Object );

Scripting Syntax

oLong = NurbsSampleCollection.GetIndexFromUVSamplingCoordinate( U, V, [NurbsSurfaceIndex] );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
U Long U value of the NurbsSample for which we want the index.
V Long V value of the NurbsSample for which we want the index.
NurbsSurfaceIndex Long If you get the NurbsSampleCollection from NurbsSurface.NurbsSamples it will be implicit. If you get it from Geometry.Samples it will take the first surface by default.


VBScript Example

set oCube = ActiveSceneRoot.AddGeometry("Cube","NurbsSurface")  
set oNurbsSamples = oCube.ActivePrimitive.Geometry.Surfaces(0).NurbsSamples  
aUVSamplingCoordinate = oNurbsSamples.GetIndexFromUVSamplingCoordinate( 0,2)
logmessage "The index of the sample at UV(0,2) is: " & aUVSamplingCoordinate