Offloads the action source on disk. The source storage must be set to external and the file must be valid. The source is saved and all current AnimationSourceItems are removed. All Clips that use the source are notified and are disconnected (the clip's color will turn gray) and the source icon in the explorer changes.

Note: Offloading is only available for animation and not for shape or audio.

C# Syntax


Scripting Syntax



VBScript Example

'       This example illustrates how to use the Offload method on an ActionSource
NewScene , false
set oRoot = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root
' These commands were cut-and-pasted from scripting history and modified to work in a 
' script. They create a simple actionsource from animation on the null's position
set oNull = oRoot.AddNull
strPosParams = oNull & ".kine.local.posx," & oNull & ".kine.local.posy," & oNull & ".kine.local.posz"
Translate oNull, -8.153, 7.015, -0.702, siRelative, siView, siObj, siXYZ
SaveKey strPosParams, 1.000
Translate oNull, 8.350, -8.935, 0.894, siRelative, siView, siObj, siXYZ
SaveKey strPosParams, 50.000
Translate oNull, 9.413, 8.935, -0.894, siRelative, siView, siObj, siXYZ
SaveKey strPosParams, 100.000
' Create a new model so that we can have another null called "null"
set oModel = oRoot.AddModel(,"Model")
' Create a new ActionSource
set oActionSource = oModel.AddActionSource("MyActionSource")
' Use the fcurves on the null object to create the actionsource items
set oPosx = oNull.Posx
set oPosy = oNull.Posy
set oPosz = oNull.Posz
oActionSource.AddSourceItem oPosx.FullName, oPosx.Source 
oActionSource.AddSourceItem oPosy.FullName, oPosy.Source 
oActionSource.AddSourceItem oPosz.FullName, oPosz.Source 
' Create a new null
set oNull2 = oModel.AddNull( "null" )
' Set the action storage to external (text)
SetValue oActionSource & ".storage", 2
' Add a clip for the source
AddClip "Model", "Sources.Animation.Model.MyActionSource", , , 16, , , , false
' Offload the sources