Render Tree Preferences


To display: In the render tree, choose Show Preferences.

Node Creation Mode

Specifies the default state of new nodes in the render tree. Choose one of the following options:

Create Nodes as Expanded: New nodes are expanded by default.

Create Nodes as Collapsed: New nodes are collapsed by default.

Create Nodes as Show Connections Only: New nodes are collapsed except for connected parameters.

Draw Connectors as Curved Lines

When activated, connection lines between shaders are curved. When deactivated, they are horizontal and vertical.

View Thumbnails

Toggles the display of thumbnails in Image Clip shaders.

View Shaderballs

Toggles the display of shaderballs in shader nodes.

High Quality Text (Windows Only)

Displays text at a higher quality.

Bird's Eye View

Toggles the Bird's Eye View in the top right corner of the tree view. You can click or click-and-drag in the bird's eye view to pan the tree.

Selection Locked

Prevents the view from updating when you select other objects in the scene.

Automatically Delete Unused Nodes on Refresh

Automatically deletes unconnected shaders whenever you refresh or close the render tree.