GLSL Actor Envelope


Category: Realtime > OpenGL

Shader Family: Realtime

Output: Realtime

This shader compound displays the mesh proxy object on each instanced actor in a CrowdFX simulation in the OpenGL display mode. It deforms each actor instance envelopes according to the simulation. This allows for faster display of heavy crowd simulations.

This shader compound is used only when the Set Shape Instance Bones ICE compound in the crowd simulation's point cloud is enabled.

See Viewing the Actor's Envelope for more information.


Link ICE Attributes

Click this button to link the attributes that exist in the ICE tree for the mesh proxy object in the CrowdFX simulation.

The correct attributes are automatically so you don't need to specify them yourself.

The ShapeInstanceEnvelopeShader GLSL shader inside this compound automatically connects the correct GLSL Uniforms depending on the parameters that you have set here. Don't connect or disconnect those ports manually.


Max Bones

The maximum number of deformers (bones) in the actor's rig proxy that are used for deforming the envelope in the OpenGL display. This value is used in the array that the shader builds in order to calculate the envelope's deformations.

You want to use the smallest number of bones to make the playback faster while retaining a good envelope deformation.

See Modifying the Actor's Rig for more information.


Max Lights

The maximum number of lights in the scene to use for lighting in the OpenGL display.


Displays shading on the actor instances using the direction and distance from the light sources to calculate the incident angle.

Display Gamma

Applies a gamma correction to the color.


Flat Color

Displays a flat color on each actor instance envelope as defined by the Color attribute you have set in the mesh proxy object's ICE tree.

Bone Colors

Displays the rig deformer (bone) colors as defined by the ShapeInstanceBoneColors attribute in the mesh proxy object's ICE tree.



Toggles the display of the texture on each actor's envelope as you have specified below.

Texture Regions

If the Textured option is selected, this displays a color map that defines the texture regions for the texture you have selected.


The texture to display on each actor's envelope when the Textured option is selected.

Render Tree Usage

This shader compound plugs into a Realtime port on the Material node of a mesh proxy object used in CrowdFX simulations - see Viewing the Actor's Envelope for more information.