Randomize Vector by Cone

This compound adds a random value to a direction (vector) that you specify so that different particles are emitted in different directions.

Plug its Vector output into any vector-type port of any compound, such as the Direction port of the Emit compound.

For more information, see Randomizing the Direction of the Particle Emission [ICE Particle Simulations].

Tasks: Particles/Modifiers,Deformation/Modifiers

Output Ports: Vector

Object Name

The object you can use for a reference.

Object Name Reference

Current object's name.

Base Vector

The vector around which the cone's Start and End Angle values are calculated.

Start Angle

The Start and End Angles create the cone angle area around the Base Vector in which the particle or object rotation can vary (0 - 360 is full rotation range).

End Angle

The End Angle of the cone area in which particle or object rotation is randomized.


Toggles the animation of the randomness; that is, whether it varies over time or not.

You can use this option when using an unsimulated ICE tree (such as if the point cloud's or object's ICETree node is in the Modeling region).


Defines the sequence of random numbers used. If you require that two nodes generate different sets of values with the same parameters, simply assign them different seeds.