Importing .bvh files into 3ds Max


You can use the File Motion File Export to export .bvh files into 3ds Max.

To import a .bvh file into 3ds Max:

  1. Create a BIPED in the Systems > Create panel.
  2. Go to the BIPED settings under Motion.
  3. Open the Motion Capture tab. Twelve icons appear but only three are active.
  4. Click the first icon (top left, a folder and a camera) to display a file browser.
  5. Select bvh as the File of Type.
  6. Browse and select the .bvh file that you saved in MotionBuilder.
    TipIf you do not need to work with all the data in a raw motion-capture file, you can choose Use Key Reduction in 3ds Max to reduce keys for simpler key editing. Doing so minimizes the file size.
  7. Activate the Point option under Knee and Elbow in Limb Orientation.
  8. Click OK in the dialog box.
  9. Play back the animation on the Biped.

Only one rotation order per file is supported.

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