Import weights


After you export weight maps (Export weights) you can import the map to a character in the same scene, or import to a character in a different scene.


If you want to transfer skin weights based on spatial location and not UVs, see Copy smooth skin weights. With Copy Skin Weights, your source and target skinned geometry do not need to have the same UVs.

  • You cannot export or import skin weight maps to lattices.
  • When importing painted smooth skin weight maps from a polygon mesh, the mesh’s UV maps must be free of any overlapping UVs. Otherwise, undesired results will occur.

Importing to a character in another scene

You can import weight maps to a smooth-skinned surface in another scene so that its skin deforms the same as the first surface. The surface in the second scene must have the same UV orientation as the original surface, but it can differ from the original as follows:

Importing back to the original character

You can also import the maps back to the original surface. Examples of how this is useful:

To import weight maps

  1. Select the skin object(s) you want to receive the maps. If objects are parented or grouped, select each object individually.
  2. Select Skin > Edit Smooth Skin > Import Skin Weight Maps.
  3. In the file browser that appears, specify the name of the previously exported .weightMap file for the maps you want to import.

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