Render > Batch Render


Runs a batch render. For more information, see Batch renders from within Maya (UI).

opens the Batch Render option dialog box to let you set options to render an animation on a local or remote computer, or on a computer with several processors. For descriptions of these options, see below.

Render > Batch Render >

For Windows

Use all available processors

If on, rendering uses all processors available on the local computer.

If off, rendering only uses the number of processors indicated by Number of Processors to Use. Use all available processors is off by default.

Number of Processors to Use

The number or processors used for rendering when Use all available processors is off. The default value is 1.

For Linux

Rendering CPU

Determines whether rendering takes place on the local computer (Local) or on another computer across a network (Remote). If you select Remote, set Remote Machine name to the name of the computer you want to render on. The default setting is Local.

Remote Machine Name

When set to Remote, type the name of the computer on which the rendering takes place and press Enter. If you do not, the render occurs on the local machine.

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