Spherical UV mapping


Spherical mapping create UVs using a projection that is based on a spherical shape wrapped around the mesh. This projection is best for shapes which can be completely enclosed and visible within a sphere, without projecting or hollow parts.

To create UVs using a spherical mapping technique

  1. Select the faces you want to project UVs onto.
  2. Select Create UVs > Spherical Mapping.
  3. Use the manipulator to change the position and size of the projection shape.
  4. Use the UV Texture Editor to view and edit the resulting UVs.

    Projection mapping only works properly on a single object at a time. If you need to apply a projection to multiple polygonal objects in a single step, combine the objects into one, apply the projection, and then separate the parts back out. Otherwise, perform a projection on each object separately.

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