File Path Editor browser


The File Path Editor browser displays a list of all paths that are used in Maya. Each file path can be expanded to display the files nested beneath it. When a file is selected in the browser, the node for that file is selected in Maya. When a path is selected in the browser, the nodes for the files that exist in that path are selected in Maya.

The different file-based elements are listed in the browser as "nodeName [filename]". For example, a reference node of the file is listed as testRN []. If the file is an image sequence, the file name displays as a sequence pattern. For example, test.0001.jpg is listed as test.####.jpg.

Resolution status

The top level of the File Path Editor browser indicates the number of resolved and unresolved file paths. Additionally, a resolution status icon displays to the left of each file path listed in the browser. These icons let you quickly pinpoint unresolved file paths.

  Resolved No paths are unresolved.
  Warning Some paths are unresolved.
  Unresolved All paths are unresolved.

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