Use MEL commands to save and load pipeline caches


You can use the AbcImport and AbcExport MEL commands to import and export Alembic files. For example, use the following to export a polygon torus:

AbcExport -j "-frameRange 1 120 -root pTorus1 -file c:/temp/";

Help for the commands is available in the Script Editor using either AbcExport -h; and AbcImport -h;.

For GPU caches, there is no import command. Instead, you create the gpuCache node and set attributes for cache file name and path. For example:

createNode -n "mine" gpuCache;

setAttr -e -type "string" mine.cacheFileName "";

setAttr -e -type "string" mine.cacheGeomPath "|"; // eg the root.

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