Control animation playback in FCheck


To play animation in FCheck

  1. Start FCheck

    For more information, see Start FCheck.

  2. Open an animation or a sequence of images>

    For more information, see Open a file in FCheck.

  3. Press any of the following to control animation playback:

    . <period>

    forward play

    , <comma>

    backward play


    pause playback

    + left arrow

    return to the first frame

    + and -

    speed up and slow down the playback of the sequence.

    In addition, Mac OS X allows playback control using buttons within the Info window.

    TipYou can drag the mouse left and right using the left mouse button in the Playback window to scrub through a sequence.

    For more information on mouse controls, see FCheck Mouse controls.

    For more information on sequence playback controls, see Animation playback control keys.

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