Effects > Create Smoke


Creates the smoke effect.

Effects > Create Smoke >

Sets the options when creating a smoke effect. Here are the options:

Sprite Image Name

Identifies the filename (with extension) of the first image of the series to be used for the smoke. To use the default images supplied with Maya, enter the name Smoke.0.

To use files from a directory other than the sourceimages directory in your current project, specify the complete path.

The images must have filenames in the format name.1, name.2, name.3, and so on.

To choose a different filename after you use the Smoke effect, display textures in the Hypershade and double-click the file1 texture to display the Attribute Editor. The Attribute Editor has an attribute named Image Name that specifies the filename and path.

Smoke Particle Name

Names the emitted particle object. If you do not provide a name, Maya gives a default name to the object.

Cycle Images (Cycle Enabled)

If you turn on Cycle Images, each emitted particle cycles through the series of images over the course of its lifetime. If you turn off Cycle Images, each particle picks one image and uses that throughout. You can turn this attribute on or off in the emitted particle shape node.

Start and End Image

Specifies the numerical file extension of the starting and ending image of the series. The extension numbers in the series must be continuous.

Smoke Sprite Min and Max Lifespan

The particles live a random time uniformly distributed between the Smoke Sprite Min and Max Lifespan values. For example, if Min Lifespan is 3 and Max Lifespan is 7, each particle lives from 3 to 7 seconds. To change the height of the smoke without affecting speed, adjust these attributes.

Smoke Threshold

When each particle is emitted, it has an opacity of 0. The opacity gradually increases, hits a peak, then tapers off to 0 again. The Smoke Threshold sets the moment the opacity hits its peak, specified as a fraction of the particle’s lifespan. For example, if Smoke Threshold is 0.25, each particle’s opacity peaks at one-quarter of its lifetime.

Smoke Opacity

Scales the entire smoke opacity from 0 to 1. The closer to 0, the lighter the smoke. The closer to 1, the denser the smoke. The expression created by the Smoke effect controls opacity on a per particle basis; it uses the value of this attribute.

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