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Movie textures allow you to use any movie file as a texture map. The movie file can be any of the movie file types supported by Maya.

Movie textures can be animated, using the different frames of the movie file. To do this:

Movie Texture inherits all of its attributes from its parent File Texture; it has no attributes of its own. It does, however, treat those attributes slightly differently. When Use Frame Extension is turned on, File Texture constructs an image file name from the File Texture Name attribute and the Frame Extension attribute. The movie texture node, in contrast assumes that all the frames are stored in the single (movie) file referred to by File Texture Name and simply loads the correct frame from the file.

For performance reasons, Movie Texture also does not support the various filter types that are available on to File Texture. If any filter type is set, it is simply treated as if it were a Box filter.

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