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This node computes the distance between two points: point1 and point2. If inMatrix1 and inMatrix2 are provided, they are used to multiply the points before the computation.

The distance result is returned in world units.

Node nameParentsClassificationMFn typeCompatible function sets

Related nodes

holdMatrix, passMatrix, unitConversion, timeToUnitConversion, unitToTimeConversion

Attributes (11)

distance, inMatrix1, inMatrix2, point1, point1X, point1Y, point1Z, point2, point2X, point2Y, point2Z

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
point1 (p1) double3inputconnectablestorable
First input point
point1X (p1x) distance (double)0.0cminputconnectablestorable
X of first input point
point1Y (p1y) distance (double)0.0cminputconnectablestorable
Y of first input point
point1Z (p1z) distance (double)0.0cminputconnectablestorable
Z of first input point
inMatrix1 (im1) matrixidentityinputconnectablestorable
Matrix to multiply the first point by
point2 (p2) double3inputconnectablestorable
Second input point
point2X (p2x) distance (double)0.0cminputconnectablestorable
X of second input point
point2Y (p2y) distance (double)0.0cminputconnectablestorable
Y of second input point
point2Z (p2z) distance (double)0.0cminputconnectablestorable
Z of second input point
inMatrix2 (im2) matrixidentityinputconnectablestorable
Matrix to multiply the second point by
distance (d) distance (double)0.0cmoutputconnectable
Output distance