Edit Mesh > Interactive Split Tool

Splits one or more faces on a polygon mesh into multiple faces after you specify the split location on the mesh.

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Interactive Split Tool >

NoteYou can also access the Interactive Split Tool by selecting a polygon, pressing + space bar + , selecting Split from the marking menu, and then swiping east.
Constrain to edges
Constrains any points you make to the edges. If you wish to make points on faces, uncheck this checkbox.
Snap Magnets
Controls the number of snapping point inside edges. For example, 5 means that there are magnet points at each end and five in the middle.
Magnet Tolerance
Controls how close a point must be to a magnet before the point snaps to it. Set this to 10 to constrain points to always be at magnet points.
Color Settings
Each color distinguishes a marking lines or point used when splitting a face. Colors can be changed by double-clicking them.
NoteThe Highlight point is a pre-select highlight that allows you to see what edge or face you will be marking.
TipYou can snap to points that have already been created using the Snap to points option, either by turning it on in the status line or by using the V hotkey.