Erase sculpting on a layer

The Erase tool removes sculpting from a layer in the areas you stroke. Any sculpting on the original base mesh remains unaffected.

Note You can create a layer prior to any sculpting and use layers for all your sculpting until you need to merge or flatten them. In this way, the base mesh remains unaffected if you need to revert to it.
  1. Select the Layers window and ensure the display button at the top is set to Sculpt.
  2. Click the layer whose sculpting you want to erase, ensuring that the layer is both visible and unlocked.
  3. Note the subdivision level on which the layer was first created as well as the currently displayed subdivision level, then press either the Page Up or Page Down key to display the subdivision level that matches the layer subdivision level.
  4. Select the Sculpt Tools tray.
  5. Select the Erase tool, and stroke on the model in the areas you want to erase.

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