Mudbox 2016 Service Pack 1 Readme


Thank you for downloading Autodesk® Mudbox® 2016 Service Pack 1.

This readme provides the latest information regarding the Mudbox installation. It is recommended that you read this entire document before you install Mudbox 2016 Service Pack 1. For reference, you can save this document to your hard drive or print a copy.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

Defect ID Description
MDBX-737 Texture painting on low-poly object with small brush yields unpaintable areas
MDBX-4572 Performance: edge bleeding during PTEX importing is too slow
MDBX-5586 Choose Samples should not be an option when using the Subdivision Method
MDBX-5683 Freeze should not affect hidden faces
MDBX-5770 Painting artifact occurs on long skinny faces
MDBX-5789 Mudbox collapses .fbx characters if a skin is present
MDBX-5841 Drawing on PTEX mesh lags after each paint stroke
MDBX-5842 PTEX files with embedded geometry and high texel resolution constantly update
MDBX-5852 High texel 32-bit float PTEX displacement maps are degraded upon import into Mudbox
MDBX-5853 NAN values are generated in displacement maps with a high texel count
MDBX-5854 Surface Pro 3 has no pen pressure when used with Mudbox
MDBX-5893 Zoom gesture on opaque devices changes center of interest

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