Mudbox 2015 Service Pack 1 Readme

Thank you for downloading Autodesk® Mudbox® 2015 Service Pack 1.

This document lists the fixed issues in Autodesk® Mudbox® since the 2015 release. It is strongly recommended that you read this document before you install this release.


Defect ID Description
MDBX-5481 Fixed the crash while opening some scenes on Mac.
MDBX-5479 Fixed the crash while opening some scenes.
MDBX-5478 Fixed the issue that on some N-trig tablet devices, pen doesn’t work for Mudbox.
MDBX-5477 Fixed an OpenSSL vulnerability in SynHub component.
MDBX-5476 Fixed the defect that the new Mac Pro can only detect 2GB GPU memory as maximum.
MDBX-5439 “Export channel to PSD” command now works well while Gigatexel Engine is on.
MDBX-5415 Fixed a buffer overflow vulnerability caused by using a special crafted PSD file.

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 For complete installation and licensing instructions refer to the Autodesk Installation Help. Access this guide from the Installation Help link of the Mudbox installer or find the most up-to-date version here:

Find learning resources for Mudbox at:
Find support and troubleshooting resources at:
For the latest list of certified hardware to run Mudbox 2015, including graphics cards, refer to the Mudbox 2015 certification chart located at:
Find the Mudbox 2015 minimum system requirements at:
Find documentation and examples for the Mudbox SDK with your installed version of Mudbox here: \Mudbox 2015\SDK or online here:

Customer Involvement Program (CIP)

The first time you start Mudbox, the Customer Involvement Program dialog box appears. If you choose to participate in the Customer Involvement Program, Mudbox will automatically send Autodesk information about your system configuration, what features you use most, any problems that you encounter, and other information helpful to the future direction of the product. For further information, see

Customer Error Reports (CERs)

We are able to improve the stability of Mudbox largely because of the Customer Error Reports (CERs) that users of our products submit. We thank you for taking the time to fill out these reports and ask that you include as much information as possible about what actions you were performing at the time the error occurred. These details raise the value of the report immensely and are very much appreciated by the Autodesk Mudbox Engineering team.

For further information about CERs refer to


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