Autodesk Maya 2015 Service Pack 4 Release Notes 

Thank you for downloading Autodesk® Maya® 2015 Service Pack 4.

This document describes known limitations, issues and fixes in Autodesk Maya 2015 Service Pack 4. It is strongly recommended that you read this document before you install this release. For reference, you should save this readme to your hard drive or print a copy.

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Fixes included in this release are detailed in the following list containing bug numbers and corresponding descriptions.

Bug Number Description

Over 130 new classes have been added to the Python API 2.0, including MPxNode, MPxData and much of the Rendering API.
Over 15 devkit examples are also available, and can be found in the devkit\plug-ins\scripted directory of the Maya installation. All Python 2.0 devkit examples are named with the prefix py.
For more information, see the Maya Developer Help: Maya Python API 2.0 Reference.
Undoing move, rotate, and scale commands on custom MPxTransform gives wrong rotation
Animation Character
Regression in blendShape evaluation that occurred during certain complex connection scenarios
Animation General  
Connection between the weightList from a custom node to a skinCluster node did not evaluate
mental ray batch did not properly render blend shape animation
ATOM: Importing time range and replacing with different start/end time does not import correctly
Maya crashes often with Apple Magic mouse
mental ray  
MAYA-42100 mental ray batch render hangs on Mac OS X
MAYA-42097 Mac Mavericks (10.9) crashes on mental ray Render View render (Render Current Frame)
MAYA-42101 mental ray caching issues when rendering with TIFF textures with miLocal attribute set to on
MAYA-41206 mental ray BSP2 significantly slower than old BSP for some scenes
MAYA-34136 UV Distortion shader displays white when Smooth Mesh Preview and OpenSubdiv are used
MAYA-35220 Modeling Toolkit Symmetrize doesn't work with certain meshes and produces error: Symmetry seam is non-planar
MAYA-35222 Modeling Toolkit Symmetrize works only in world space
MAYA-35420 Cannot move or scale certain images in UV Texture Editor after enabling Use Image ratio
MAYA-36405 Boolean operation creates an extra color set (ColorRGBA)
MAYA-37872 UV Distortion Shader display isn't smooth shaded in viewport with OpenSubdiv method
MAYA-38041 Selection by component type will select occluded objects
MAYA-38450 Preselection Highlighting will highlight components on obscured meshes
MAYA-39197 Preselection highlighting doesn't work well with components that have been moved
MAYA-40606 Selecting faces with drag selection doesn't work correctly if faces have been rotated
MAYA-40860 Paint Color on Vertex tool used across multiple meshes may cause crash
MAYA-41305 When in Viewport 2.0, turning on checkered tiles or UV distortion display in the UV Texture Editor will cause a crash if a custom material is assigned
MAYA-41591 Create Quad Draw dots, then switch to four pane layout may cause crash
MAYA-41792 With certain files that have UV linking, loading a PSD file into a psdFileTex node may cause memory leak and crash
MAYA-41190 Hypershade: Create > Color Utilities and Create > Scalar Utilities menus are missing
MAYA-40955 Alpha channel not respected when file texture mapped to sprite particle
MAYA-40215 When Two Sided Lighting is off, negatively-scaled objects shouldn't display black
MAYA-42203 MSceneRender::mClearOperation behaves differently in Maya 2015 than in Maya 2014
MAYA-41890 Viewport 2.0 light distance limit
MAYA-39973 viewImageBlitOverride crashes Maya
MAYA-40425 Ramp texture is slow during change/update
UI: Hypergraph  
MAYA-18625 Some nodes on Hypergraph (Hierarchy mode) with Freeform Layout and Schematic Orientation disappear
MAYA-40669 XGen: corrupt file causes crash on scene load
XGen bounding box for motion not set correctly when rendering with motion blur in mental ray
Fixed crashes related to rendering XGen with motion blur in mental ray
Motion blur does not work correctly for XGen Descriptions with AnimWire modifiers

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The following section describes limitations, workarounds (where applicable) about this release.

Bug Number Description
MAYA-32190 The mental ray render for the BifrostLiquidMaterial will not match the viewport. Vorticity is not supported in the viewport and diffuse weight remap is handled differently by mental ray.
MAYA-32763 The default value of 0.5 for Master Voxel Size may be too small to generate voxels on some emitting meshes below a specific scale, including primitives. For example, no voxels will be generated for a default polySphere with radius=1.

Workaround : To generate voxels, either lower the Master Voxel Size or increase the size of the sphere.
MAYA-32869 Bifrost scene is getting evaluated over and over during batch render when runup is enabled. 
Workaround: Disable Runup.
MAYA-33644 Bifrost: Resulting Simulation motion seems incorrect and seems due to Collision objects Conversion Thickness.
Fluid will react with a surface tension type behavior even when stickiness is set to zero.
MAYA-33828 Currently, setting keys attributes found on the bifrostLiquidContainer is not a supported workflow.
MAYA-34114 Bifrost will still render even after disabling the display of particles and voxels in the Bifrost Shape

Workaround : Hide the Bifrost object (set visibility=off).
MAYA-34177 The default maximum particle viewport display number is set to 1 million.  This creates repetitive looking patterns for higher resolution simulations.  Respecting the limits of your graphics card, you can increase the number for a more accurate representation of the simulation.
MAYA-34412 Self-intersecting attached mesh will fail to emit Bifrost particles
Cache Representation - Baked Geometry  
MAYA-31013 Importing a gpu cache during a Windows remote desktop session will crash if the host system does not have Viewport 2.0 set as the default renderer.
MAYA-30309 OSX 10.9: Hotbox and marking menus will not work on second screen of a dual screen setup

under System preferences > Mission Control > [ ] Displays have Separate Spaces
Uncheck the "displays have separate spaces" option. This will bring the OSX work spaces behavior back to the way it was before 10.9
MAYA-18046 If you a running Maya in a Simplified Chinese environment, switch between the standard view and full-screen view of the current panels using the Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar hotkey.
MAYA-28299 XGen does not support file names or file paths with localized characters (that is, upper-ASCII characters and double byte characters).
As a workaround, users should avoid using localized user names.

MAYA-39967 Opensubd (Uniform or adaptive): texture display may be incorrect if the mesh is bound to a skeleton.
Workaround: Use Maya Catmull-Clark Subdivision Method.
Multiple Representation  
MAYA-20004 The Attribute Editor's texture sample preview will show a broken swatch icon (red X) when loading a Scene Assembly containing an object with a texture.
Workaround : Leave it un-previewed.
set in the Maya preferences under the Display categories Max res. for swatches something larger than the estimated texture size.
MAYA-21592 Attempting to open the Namespace Editor on a complex Scene Assembly scene (1000's - 10,000's of objects) will hang Maya for an undetermined period of time until the Namespace contents have been loaded. Namespace Editor workflows are not recommended for complex Scene Assembly Scenes.
MAYA-22088 Undo after Reference/Scene Assembly Reference edits have been made does not completely clear out the edits
Workaround : Remove the zero'ed out edit by using the remove edits function.
MAYA-22191 Attaching a Scene Assembly scene file representation to a motion path is not currently supported
MAYA-22211 Blend shapes fails to function when used to create Blends between Assembly members and other objects
MAYA-22222 Set Driven Key workflows are not currently supported when the Scene Assembly scene representation object is used as driver
MAYA-22361 Character sets is not supported by Scene Assembly
MAYA-22446 Importing ATOM of set driven key data fails on Scene Assembly
MAYA-16289 When the Double Sided Lighting option under the DirectX 11 Shader Attribute Editor is enabled, backfacing polygons caused by negative scaling may turn black.
Workaround : You should reverse normals after scaling negatively.
MAYA-24576 When depth peeling is chosen as the transparency algorithm for Viewport 2.0 (in Hardware 2.0 Renderer 2.0 Settings window), MSAA can only take effect on opaque objects but not transparent objects.
MAYA-30985 When both backface culling and GPU instancing is on, negative-scaled objects may show inconsistent culling result in VP2. The work-around so far is to temporarily turn off GPU instancing in VP2 option dialog.
MAYA-35665 Older drivers for 1800M graphics cards may crash Maya.
Workaround : Please update to a newer driver.
Connecting a file texture to mia_material_x_passes may cause color management errors to appear in the Maya console. These may safely be ignored.
Scripting Python  
MAYA-17358 "os.path.expanduser()" returns different results when on the GUI on Windows.

Workaround :
1) Initialize the Maya environment within mayapy.

import maya.standalone

Now os.path.expanduser() will return the same value in mayapy as it does in Maya.

2) Set the HOME environment variable before starting up Maya. Whatever you set it to will be used by by os.path.expanduser() in both Maya and mayapy.
UI General  
MAYA-1688 Auto-complete python commands in the script editor will run the codes inside a Python property block, not just returning the function/property list, but actually running the property itself. The same is true when you hit return to accept and fill that function/property in the script editor.
MAYA-23962 XGen is not compatible with merged meshes
MAYA-28065 XGen: Clumping preview refresh issue
When having a bad preview after altering clump maps, press preview again.
MAYA-35042 Loading Xgen may crash Maya if fabricengine plugin is installed.
Workaround : Rename the PySide folder under the fabricengine install directory.
MAYA-36215 Xgen Tube Groom requires tubes to have transformations frozen
MAYA-37306 Mac OS X: Spaces are not supported for the project name.
MAYA-37969 Xgen and the geo that it is bound to have to be in the same namespace. It is not supported to import an XGen description or collection on a piece of geo in a different namespace.

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