Autodesk Maya 2008 Extension 2

Hardware Qualification - Readme First

Last updated: March 3rd 2008

The information contained in this document applies to all hardware qualification executed on the above mentioned Maya version, and should be acknowledged by all users prior to consulting the qualification charts.

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Important Notes

  1. There are many cards based on GeForce GPU chipsets. NVIDIA and Autodesk do not recommend these cards for use with Maya as you may experience various refresh, display and stability problems and inadequate performance. We suggest you choose from NVIDIA's workstation cards instead, such as the Quadro families which are much better suited to high-end 3D packages such as Maya. Nvidia GeForce VS Quadro White Paper [PDF]
  2. Video Cards without Hardware Overlay Planes: Using video cards without Hardware Overlay planes (or Hardware Overlay planes turned off) can result in poor performance for certain operations within Maya including (but not restricted to) use of tools based on Artisan or Paint Textures technology. There will also be visual differences compared with Hardware overlays that may result in difficulty seeing or manipulating aspects of the scene or Maya interface.   Examples of Graphics cards without Hardware overlays include (but are not restricted to): ATI Radeon Family, NVIDIA GeForce Family
  3. Where Graphics Controllers are configurable, you must have at least 256MB of texture memory (TRAM). Due to the differences in the manner in which hardware vendors approach display memory, we suggest that you consult your hardware vendor to ensure that your configuration will support your required resolution.
  4. Autodesk recommends the use of "Span Mode" for Dual Monitor configurations using NVIDIA cards.