MSyntax Member List

This is the complete list of members for MSyntax, including all inherited members.
addArg(MArgType arg) MSyntax
addFlag(const char *shortName, const char *longName, MArgType argType1=kNoArg, MArgType argType2=kNoArg, MArgType argType3=kNoArg, MArgType argType4=kNoArg, MArgType argType5=kNoArg, MArgType argType6=kNoArg) MSyntax
canEdit() const MSyntax
canQuery() const MSyntax
enableEdit(bool supportsEdit=true) MSyntax
enableQuery(bool supportsQuery=true) MSyntax
kAngle enum value MSyntax
kBoolean enum value MSyntax
kDistance enum value MSyntax
kDouble enum value MSyntax
kInvalidArgType enum value MSyntax
kInvalidObjectFormat enum value MSyntax
kLastArgType enum value MSyntax
kLastObjectFormat enum value MSyntax
kLong enum value MSyntax
kNoArg enum value MSyntax
kNone enum value MSyntax
kSelectionItem enum value MSyntax
kSelectionList enum value MSyntax
kString enum value MSyntax
kStringObjects enum value MSyntax
kTime enum value MSyntax
kUnsigned enum value MSyntax
makeFlagMultiUse(const char *flag) MSyntax
makeFlagQueryWithFullArgs(const char *flag, bool queryArgsAreOptional) MSyntax
MArgType enum name MSyntax
maxObjects() const MSyntax
minObjects() const MSyntax
MObjectFormat enum name MSyntax
MSyntax() MSyntax
MSyntax(const MSyntax &other) MSyntax
operator=(const MSyntax &rhs) MSyntax
setMaxObjects(unsigned int maximumObjectCount) MSyntax
setMinObjects(unsigned int minimumObjectCount) MSyntax
setObjectType(MObjectFormat objectFormat, unsigned int minimumObjects=0) MSyntax
setObjectType(MObjectFormat objectFormat, unsigned int minimumObjects, unsigned int maximumObjects) MSyntax
useSelectionAsDefault(bool useSelectionList=false) MSyntax
~MSyntax() MSyntax [virtual]

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