MIffFile Member List

This is the complete list of members for MIffFile, including all inherited members.
beginGet(MIffTag &chunkTag, unsigned *byteCount) MIffFile
beginReadGroup(MIffTag &id, MIffTag &type) MIffFile
close() MIffFile
endGet() MIffFile
endReadGroup() MIffFile
get(void *buf, unsigned byteCount, MStatus *stat=NULL) MIffFile
getChunk(MIffTag &chunkTag, unsigned *byteCount) MIffFile
iffGetFloat(float &result) MIffFile
iffGetInt(int &result) MIffFile
iffGetShort(short int &result) MIffFile
isActive() const MIffFile
MIffFile() MIffFile
MIffFile(const MString &fileName) MIffFile
open(const MString &fileName) MIffFile
~MIffFile() MIffFile [virtual]

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