MFnMeshData Member List

This is the complete list of members for MFnMeshData, including all inherited members.
addObjectGroup(unsigned int) MFnGeometryData
addObjectGroupComponent(unsigned int, MObject &) MFnGeometryData
changeObjectGroupId(unsigned int, unsigned int) MFnGeometryData
className() const MFnMeshData [protected, virtual]
copyObjectGroups(MObject &inGeom) MFnGeometryData
create(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) MFnMeshData
getMatrix(MMatrix &) const MFnGeometryData
hasObj(MFn::Type) const MFnBase
hasObj(const MObject &) const MFnBase
hasObjectGroup(unsigned int id, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MFnGeometryData
kComponentList enum value MFnData
kDoubleArray enum value MFnData
kDynArrayAttrs enum value MFnData
kDynSweptGeometry enum value MFnData
kIntArray enum value MFnData
kInvalid enum value MFnData
kLast enum value MFnData
kLattice enum value MFnData
kMatrix enum value MFnData
kMesh enum value MFnData
kNId enum value MFnData
kNObject enum value MFnData
kNumeric enum value MFnData
kNurbsCurve enum value MFnData
kNurbsSurface enum value MFnData
kPlugin enum value MFnData
kPluginGeometry enum value MFnData
kPointArray enum value MFnData
kSphere enum value MFnData
kString enum value MFnData
kStringArray enum value MFnData
kSubdSurface enum value MFnData
kVectorArray enum value MFnData
matrixIsIdentity(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MFnGeometryData
matrixIsNotIdentity(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MFnGeometryData
MFnData(MObject &object, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) MFnData
MFnData() MFnData
MFnData(const MObject &object, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) MFnData
MFnGeometryData() MFnGeometryData
MFnGeometryData(MObject &object, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) MFnGeometryData
MFnGeometryData(const MObject &object, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) MFnGeometryData
MFnMeshData() MFnMeshData
MFnMeshData(MObject &object, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) MFnMeshData
MFnMeshData(const MObject &object, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) MFnMeshData
object(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MFnBase
objectGroup(unsigned int index, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MFnGeometryData
objectGroupComponent(unsigned int, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MFnGeometryData
objectGroupCount(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MFnGeometryData
objectGroupType(unsigned int, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MFnGeometryData
removeObjectGroup(unsigned int) MFnGeometryData
removeObjectGroupComponent(unsigned int, MObject &) MFnGeometryData
setMatrix(const MMatrix &) MFnGeometryData
setObject(MObject &object) MFnBase [virtual]
setObject(const MObject &object) MFnBase [virtual]
setObjectGroupComponent(unsigned int, MObject &) MFnGeometryData
type() const MFnMeshData [virtual]
Type enum name MFnData
~MFnBase() MFnBase [virtual]
~MFnData() MFnData [virtual]
~MFnGeometryData() MFnGeometryData [virtual]
~MFnMeshData() MFnMeshData [virtual]

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