MDistance Member List

This is the complete list of members for MDistance, including all inherited members.
as(Unit newUnit, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MDistance
asCentimeters() const MDistance
asFeet() const MDistance
asInches() const MDistance
asKilometers() const MDistance
asMeters() const MDistance
asMiles() const MDistance
asMillimeters() const MDistance
asUnits(Unit newUnit, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MDistance
asYards() const MDistance
internalToUI(double internalValue) MDistance [static]
internalUnit() MDistance [static]
kCentimeters enum value MDistance
kFeet enum value MDistance
kInches enum value MDistance
kKilometers enum value MDistance
kMeters enum value MDistance
kMiles enum value MDistance
kMillimeters enum value MDistance
kYards enum value MDistance
MDistance() MDistance
MDistance(double value, Unit unitSystem=kCentimeters) MDistance
MDistance(const MDistance &src) MDistance
operator=(const MDistance &src) MDistance
setInternalUnit(Unit internalUnit) MDistance [static]
setUIUnit(Unit newUnit) MDistance [static]
setUnit(Unit newUnit) MDistance
setValue(double newValue) MDistance
uiToInternal(double uiValue) MDistance [static]
uiUnit() MDistance [static]
unit() const MDistance
Unit enum name MDistance
value() const MDistance
~MDistance() MDistance

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