M3dView Member List

This is the complete list of members for M3dView, including all inherited members.
active3dView(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView [static]
applicationShell(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView [static]
backgroundColor(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
beginGL() M3dView
beginOverlayDrawing() M3dView
beginProjMatrixOverride(MMatrix &projectionMatrix) M3dView
beginSelect(GLuint *buffer=NULL, GLsizei size=0) M3dView
beginXorDrawing(bool drawOrthographic=true, bool disableDepthTesting=true, float lineWidth=1.0f, LineStipplePattern stipplePattern=kStippleNone, const MColor &lineColor=MColor(1, 1, 1)) M3dView
clearOverlayPlane() M3dView
colorAtIndex(unsigned int index, ColorTable table=kActiveColors, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
colorMask(bool &r, bool &g, bool &b, bool &a) M3dView
ColorTable enum name M3dView
DepthBufferFormat enum name M3dView
display(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
DisplayObjects enum name M3dView
DisplayStatus enum name M3dView
displayStyle(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const M3dView
DisplayStyle enum name M3dView
drawText(const MString &text, const MPoint position, TextPosition textPosition=kLeft) M3dView
endGL() M3dView
endOverlayDrawing() M3dView
endProjMatrixOverride() M3dView
endSelect() M3dView
endXorDrawing() M3dView
get3dView(const unsigned int index, M3dView &view) M3dView [static]
getCamera(MDagPath &camera) M3dView
getColorIndexAndTable(unsigned int glindex, unsigned int &index, ColorTable &table) const M3dView
getLightCount(unsigned int &count, bool visible=true) M3dView
getLightIndex(unsigned int lightNumber, unsigned int &lightIndex) M3dView
getLightingMode(LightingMode &mode) M3dView
getLightPath(unsigned int lightNumber, MDagPath &light) M3dView
getM3dViewFromModelEditor(const MString &modelPaneName, M3dView &view) M3dView [static]
getM3dViewFromModelPanel(const MString &modelPaneName, M3dView &view) M3dView [static]
getRendererName(MStatus *ReturnStatus) const M3dView
getRendererString(MString &stringName) const M3dView
getScreenPosition(int &x, int &y, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const M3dView
initNames() M3dView
isLightVisible(unsigned int lightNumber, bool &visible) M3dView
isShadeActiveOnly(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const M3dView
kActive enum value M3dView
kActiveAffected enum value M3dView
kActiveColors enum value M3dView
kActiveComponent enum value M3dView
kActiveTemplate enum value M3dView
kBackgroundColor enum value M3dView
kBoundingBox enum value M3dView
kCenter enum value M3dView
kDefaultQualityRenderer enum value M3dView
kDepth_8 enum value M3dView
kDepth_Float enum value M3dView
kDisplayCameras enum value M3dView
kDisplayCVs enum value M3dView
kDisplayDeformers enum value M3dView
kDisplayDimensions enum value M3dView
kDisplayDynamicConstraints enum value M3dView
kDisplayDynamics enum value M3dView
kDisplayEverything enum value M3dView
kDisplayFluids enum value M3dView
kDisplayFollicles enum value M3dView
kDisplayGrid enum value M3dView
kDisplayHairSystems enum value M3dView
kDisplayHulls enum value M3dView
kDisplayIkHandles enum value M3dView
kDisplayImagePlane enum value M3dView
kDisplayJoints enum value M3dView
kDisplayLights enum value M3dView
kDisplayLocators enum value M3dView
kDisplayManipulators enum value M3dView
kDisplayMeshes enum value M3dView
kDisplayNCloths enum value M3dView
kDisplayNParticles enum value M3dView
kDisplayNRigids enum value M3dView
kDisplayNurbsCurves enum value M3dView
kDisplayNurbsSurfaces enum value M3dView
kDisplayPivots enum value M3dView
kDisplayPlanes enum value M3dView
kDisplaySelectHandles enum value M3dView
kDisplayStrokes enum value M3dView
kDisplaySubdivSurfaces enum value M3dView
kDisplayTextures enum value M3dView
kDormant enum value M3dView
kDormantColors enum value M3dView
kExternalRenderer enum value M3dView
kFlatShaded enum value M3dView
kGouraudShaded enum value M3dView
kHighQualityRenderer enum value M3dView
kHilite enum value M3dView
kIntermediateObject enum value M3dView
kInvisible enum value M3dView
kLead enum value M3dView
kLeft enum value M3dView
kLightActive enum value M3dView
kLightAll enum value M3dView
kLightDefault enum value M3dView
kLightSelected enum value M3dView
kLive enum value M3dView
kNoStatus enum value M3dView
kPoints enum value M3dView
kRight enum value M3dView
kStippleDashed enum value M3dView
kStippleNone enum value M3dView
kTemplate enum value M3dView
kTemplateColor enum value M3dView
kWireFrame enum value M3dView
LightingMode enum name M3dView
LineStipplePattern enum name M3dView
loadName(GLuint name) M3dView
modelViewMatrix(MMatrix &modelViewMatrix) const M3dView
multipleDrawEnabled() const M3dView
multipleDrawPassCount() M3dView
numActiveColors(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
numberOf3dViews() M3dView [static]
numDormantColors(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
numUserDefinedColors(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
objectDisplay(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
popName() M3dView
popViewport() M3dView
portHeight(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
portWidth(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
projectionMatrix(MMatrix &projectionMatrix) const M3dView
pushName(GLuint name) M3dView
pushViewport(unsigned int x, unsigned int y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height) M3dView
readBufferTo2dTexture(unsigned short x, unsigned short y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height) M3dView
readColorBuffer(MImage &image, bool readRGBA=false) M3dView
readDepthMap(unsigned short x, unsigned short y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, unsigned char *bufferPtr, DepthBufferFormat depthMapPrecision) M3dView
refresh(bool all=false, bool force=false) M3dView
refresh(bool all, bool force, bool offscreen) M3dView
refresh(MPxGlBuffer &buffer) M3dView
refresh(MPxGlBuffer &buffer, bool offscreen) M3dView
refresh(MPxGlBuffer &buffer, bool offscreen, const MMatrix &projectionMatrix) M3dView
RendererName enum name M3dView
rendererString(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const M3dView
selectMode() const M3dView
setCamera(MDagPath &camera) M3dView
setColorMask(bool r, bool g, bool b, bool a) M3dView
setDisplayStyle(DisplayStyle style, bool activeOnly=false) M3dView
setDrawColor(unsigned int index, ColorTable table=kActiveColors) M3dView
setDrawColor(const MColor &color) M3dView
setMultipleDrawEnable(bool enable) M3dView
setMultipleDrawPassCount(unsigned count) M3dView
setObjectDisplay(unsigned int displayMask) M3dView
setShowViewSelectedChildren(bool) M3dView
setUserDefinedColor(unsigned int index, const MColor &color) M3dView
setViewSelectedPrefix(const MString &prefix) M3dView
showViewSelectedChildren(MStatus *ReturnStatus) const M3dView
templateColor(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
TextPosition enum name M3dView
textureMode() const M3dView
updateViewingParameters() M3dView
userDefinedColorIndex(unsigned int index, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
usingDefaultMaterial() const M3dView
usingMipmappedTextures() const M3dView
viewport(unsigned int &x, unsigned int &y, unsigned int &width, unsigned int &height) const M3dView
viewSelectedPrefix(MStatus *ReturnStatus) const M3dView
viewToObjectSpace(short x_pos, short y_pos, const MMatrix &localMatrixInverse, MPoint &oPt, MVector &oVector) const M3dView
viewToWorld(short x_pos, short y_pos, MPoint &worldPt, MVector &worldVector) const M3dView
viewToWorld(short x_pos, short y_pos, MPoint &nearClipPt, MPoint &farClipPt) const M3dView
widget(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const M3dView
window(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) M3dView
wireframeOnlyInShadedMode(MStatus *ReturnStatus) const M3dView
worldToView(const MPoint &worldPt, short &x_pos, short &y_pos, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const M3dView
writeColorBuffer(const MImage &image, signed short x=0, signed short y=0) const M3dView

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