#ifndef OpenGLViewportRenderer_h_
#define OpenGLViewportRenderer_h_

#include <maya/MViewportRenderer.h>

class MDagPath;
class MBoundingBox;

// Sample plugin viewport renderer using the OpenGL API.
class OpenGLViewportRenderer : public MViewportRenderer
        virtual ~OpenGLViewportRenderer();

        // Required virtual overrides from MViewportRenderer
        virtual MStatus initialize();
        virtual MStatus uninitialize();
        virtual MStatus render( const MRenderingInfo &renderInfo );
        virtual bool    nativelySupports( MViewportRenderer::RenderingAPI api, 
                                                                                  float version );
        virtual bool    override( MViewportRenderer::RenderingOverride override );

        bool                    drawSurface( const MDagPath &dagPath, bool active, bool templated );
        bool                    drawBounds( const MDagPath &dagPath,
                                                                const MBoundingBox &box);
        bool                    setupLighting();
        bool                    renderToTarget( const MRenderingInfo &renderInfo );

        RenderingAPI    m_API;          // Rendering API
        float                   m_Version;      // OpenGL version number as float.

#endif /* OpenGLViewportRenderer_h_ */

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