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This node is an "animCurve" that takes an attribute of type "double" as input and has an output attribute of type "double".

For more information, see the documentation for the "animCurve" node.
Node name Parents MFn type Compatible function sets
animCurveUU animCurve kAnimCurveUnitlessToUnitless kBase

Related nodes

expression, animCurve, animCurveUT, animCurveUA, animCurveTT, animCurveTU, animCurveUL, resultCurve, resultCurveTimeToLinear, resultCurveTimeToTime, resultCurveTimeToUnitless, resultCurveTimeToAngular, animCurveTA, animCurveTL, animBlend, animBlendInOut

Attributes (5)

input, keyTime, keyTimeValue, keyValue, output

Long name (short name) Type Default Flags
input (i) double 0.0 outputinputconnectable
Value at which to evaluate the animation curve
output (o) double 0.0 outputconnectable
Evaluated value of the animation curve at the input value
keyTimeValue (ktv) compound n/a arrayoutputinputstorablehidden
Keyframe time/value pairs
keyTime (kt) double 0 outputinputstorablehidden
Keyframe times
keyValue (kv) double 0.0 outputinputstorablehidden
Keyframe values