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#ifndef __POLYWRITER_H
#define __POLYWRITER_H

// polyWriter.h

// *****************************************************************************
// CLASS:    polyWriter
// *****************************************************************************
// polyWriter is a class used for creating polygonal mesh exporter plugins.  Its
// purpose is to output polygonal mesh data in the format required.  
// To use this class, derive a new class and begin by adding the following *.h 
// files:
//    #include <maya/MFStream.h>
// The following functions must be implemented:
// constructor - which takes in MDagPath and MStatus object addresses
// destructor - which destroys any objects created in the constructor
// writeToFile() - which performs the actual data export
// outputSingleSet() - which performs the export of a particular polygonal set 
//                                         on the mesh
// The extractGeometry() function may be overridden to extract more data that
// it is doing currently, but be sure to call this class' extractGeometry() 
// method as its first operation so that essential data is extracted.
// It is recommended that smaller helper functions are added to any derived
// classes, to export and format specific data about the mesh.  
// Once the derived class has been defined, create and return a new object of 
// this type in the createPolyWriter() function that must be defined in any
// class derived from the polyExporter class.
// For examples, see the classes polyRawWriter and polyX3DWriter
// *****************************************************************************

#include <maya/MFnMesh.h>
#include <maya/MPointArray.h>
#include <maya/MFloatVectorArray.h>
#include <maya/MFloatArray.h>

class polyWriter {

                                                        polyWriter (MDagPath dagPath, MStatus& status);
                virtual                         ~polyWriter ();
                virtual MStatus         extractGeometry ();
                virtual MStatus         writeToFile (ostream & os) = 0;

                                MObject         findShader (const MObject& setNode);
                virtual MStatus         outputSets (ostream& os);
                virtual MStatus         outputSingleSet (ostream& os, 
                                                                                         MString setName, 
                                                                                         MIntArray faces, 
                                                                                         MString textureName) = 0;
                static  void            outputTabs (ostream & os, unsigned int tabCount);
                //Data Members

                //the current UV set's name
                MString                         fCurrentUVSetName;

                //for storing general mesh information
                MPointArray                     fVertexArray;
                MColorArray                     fColorArray;
                MFloatVectorArray       fNormalArray;
                MFloatVectorArray       fTangentArray;
                MFloatVectorArray       fBinormalArray;

                //for storing DAG objects
                MFnMesh*                        fMesh;
                MDagPath*                       fDagPath;
                MObjectArray            fPolygonSets;
                MObjectArray            fPolygonComponents;

#endif /*__POLYWRITER_H*/

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