MStatus Member List

This is the complete list of members for MStatus, including all inherited members.
clear() MStatus [inline]
error() const MStatus [inline]
errorString() const MStatus
kEndOfFile enum value MStatus
kFailure enum value MStatus
kInsufficientMemory enum value MStatus
kInvalidParameter enum value MStatus
kLicenseFailure enum value MStatus
kNotFound enum value MStatus
kNotImplemented enum value MStatus
kSuccess enum value MStatus
kUnknownParameter enum value MStatus
MStatus() MStatus [inline]
MStatus(MStatusCode) MStatus
MStatus(const MStatus &) MStatus [inline]
MStatusCode enum name MStatus
operator bool() const MStatus [inline]
operator!=(const MStatus &rhs) const MStatus [inline]
operator!=(const MStatusCode rhs) const MStatus [inline]
operator!=(const MStatus::MStatusCode code, const MStatus &status) MStatus [friend]
operator<<(std::ostream &, MStatus &) MStatus [friend]
operator=(const MStatus &rhs) MStatus [inline]
operator==(const MStatus &rhs) const MStatus [inline]
operator==(const MStatusCode rhs) const MStatus [inline]
operator==(const MStatus::MStatusCode code, const MStatus &status) MStatus [friend]
perror(const char *) const MStatus
perror(const MString &) const MStatus
set(bool status, unsigned char statusCode, unsigned char internalStatusCode) MStatus [inline]
setSuccess() MStatus [inline]
statusCode() const MStatus [inline]

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