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class MPlug;
class MStatus;
class MDataBlock;

#include <maya/MPxNode.h>
#include <maya/MObject.h>

class blindDataMesh : public MPxNode
        // Standard Node functions
        virtual MStatus compute(const MPlug& plug, MDataBlock& data);
        static void* creator();
        static MStatus initialize();

        // OutputMesh Plug. It will contain the mesh plane with blind data.
        // This is the object that will be shaded by the blindDataShader.
        static MObject outputMesh;

        // Random number Generator seed
        static MObject seed;

        // Node type ID. This is a unique identifier used to recognize
        // the node class.
        static MTypeId id;

        // This function creates a plane on the X-Z plane with random 
        // height values.
        MObject createMesh( long seed, MObject& outData, MStatus& stat );

        // This function adds the global blind data node for the color
        // blind data. It returns the blind data ID.
        MStatus setMeshBlindData( MObject& mesh );

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