MStatus Member List

This is the complete list of members for MStatus, including all inherited members.

clear()MStatus [inline]
error() const MStatus [inline]
errorString() const MStatus
kEndOfFile enum valueMStatus
kFailure enum valueMStatus
kInsufficientMemory enum valueMStatus
kInvalidParameter enum valueMStatus
kLicenseFailure enum valueMStatus
kNotFound enum valueMStatus
kNotImplemented enum valueMStatus
kSuccess enum valueMStatus
kUnknownParameter enum valueMStatus
MStatus()MStatus [inline]
MStatus(const MStatus &)MStatus [inline]
MStatusCode enum nameMStatus
operator bool() const MStatus [inline]
operator!=(const MStatus &rhs) const MStatus [inline]
operator!=(const MStatusCode rhs) const MStatus [inline]
operator!=(const MStatus::MStatusCode code, const MStatus &status)MStatus [friend]
operator<<(std::ostream &, MStatus &)MStatus [friend]
operator=(const MStatus &rhs)MStatus [inline]
operator==(const MStatus &rhs) const MStatus [inline]
operator==(const MStatusCode rhs) const MStatus [inline]
operator==(const MStatus::MStatusCode code, const MStatus &status)MStatus [friend]
perror(const char *) const MStatus
perror(const MString &) const MStatus
set(bool status, unsigned char statusCode, unsigned char internalStatusCode)MStatus [inline]
setSuccess()MStatus [inline]
statusCode() const MStatus [inline]

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