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#include <vector>

#include "glExtensions.h"

//this class is a static place holder for now, it may need to be a singleton
//Presently it only manages the destruction of resources, it should also
//manage a resource pool, so that shader nodes can share texture instances.
class ResourceManager {

    //these mark GL objects for deletion, since a context might not be available
    static void destroyTexture( GLuint tex);
    static void destroyAsmProgram( GLuint prog);
    static void destroyProgram( GLuint prog);
    static void destroyShader( GLuint shad);

    //clean up the resources we have been unable to previously
    static void recover();


    static std::vector<GLuint> sTextureList;
    static std::vector<GLuint> sAsmProgramList;
    static std::vector<GLuint> sProgramList;
    static std::vector<GLuint> sShaderList;

    //prevent construction
    ResourceManager() {};


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