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evalEcho string | [string any...]

evalEcho is undoable, NOT queryable, and NOT editable.

This command is the same as the eval command except that it additionally echoes the command string being executed. This is useful for commands embedded within scripts and procedures which the user would like to see displayed in the command window.

Return value

AnyThe return value of the statement or command/procedure call.


eval, evalDeferred, scriptJob

MEL examples

$someProcName = "cone";
$radius = 3;
evalEcho ($someProcName + " -r  " + $radius);
cone -r 5;
// Result: nurbsCone1 makeNurbCone1 //

// Commands added to the shelf that echo output don't have their output
// show up once Maya has been restarted.  To get around this, surround
// the command with an evalEcho using the Shelf Editor.

evalEcho ("polyEvaluate");