MPxData Member List

This is the complete list of members for MPxData, including all inherited members.

copy(const MPxData &src)=0MPxData [pure virtual]
kData enum valueMPxData
kGeometryData enum valueMPxData
kLast enum valueMPxData
name() const =0MPxData [pure virtual]
readASCII(const MArgList &argList, unsigned int &endOfTheLastParsedElement)MPxData [virtual]
readBinary(std::istream &in, unsigned int length)MPxData [virtual]
Type enum nameMPxData
typeId() const =0MPxData [pure virtual]
writeASCII(std::ostream &out)MPxData [virtual]
writeBinary(std::ostream &out)MPxData [virtual]
~MPxData()MPxData [virtual]

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