MIffTag Member List

This is the complete list of members for MIffTag, including all inherited members.

kCATMIffTag [static]
kCAT4MIffTag [static]
kCAT8MIffTag [static]
kFOR4MIffTag [static]
kFOR8MIffTag [static]
kFORMMIffTag [static]
kLIS4MIffTag [static]
kLIS8MIffTag [static]
kLISTMIffTag [static]
kPRO4MIffTag [static]
kPRO8MIffTag [static]
kPROPMIffTag [static]
MIffTag(unsigned char a, unsigned char b, unsigned char c, unsigned char d)MIffTag
MIffTag(unsigned int tag)MIffTag
operator==(const MIffTag &tag) const MIffTag

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