MFnNumericData Member List

This is the complete list of members for MFnNumericData, including all inherited members.

className() const MFnNumericData [protected, virtual]
create(Type dataType, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL)MFnNumericData
getData(short &val1, short &val2)MFnNumericData
getData(int &val1, int &val2)MFnNumericData
getData(float &val1, float &val2)MFnNumericData
getData(double &val1, double &val2)MFnNumericData
getData(short &val1, short &val2, short &val3)MFnNumericData
getData(int &val1, int &val2, int &val3)MFnNumericData
getData(float &val1, float &val2, float &val3)MFnNumericData
getData(double &val1, double &val2, double &val3)MFnNumericData
getData(double &val1, double &val2, double &val3, double &val4)MFnNumericData
getData2Double(double &val1, double &val2)MFnNumericData
getData2Float(float &val1, float &val2)MFnNumericData
getData2Int(int &val1, int &val2)MFnNumericData
getData2Short(short &val1, short &val2)MFnNumericData
getData3Double(double &val1, double &val2, double &val3)MFnNumericData
getData3Float(float &val1, float &val2, float &val3)MFnNumericData
getData3Int(int &val1, int &val2, int &val3)MFnNumericData
getData3Short(short &val1, short &val2, short &val3)MFnNumericData
getData4Double(double &val1, double &val2, double &val3, double &val4)MFnNumericData
hasObj(MFn::Type) const MFnBase
hasObj(const MObject &) const MFnBase
k2Double enum valueMFnNumericData
k2Float enum valueMFnNumericData
k2Int enum valueMFnNumericData
k2Long enum valueMFnNumericData
k2Short enum valueMFnNumericData
k3Double enum valueMFnNumericData
k3Float enum valueMFnNumericData
k3Int enum valueMFnNumericData
k3Long enum valueMFnNumericData
k3Short enum valueMFnNumericData
k4Double enum valueMFnNumericData
kAddr enum valueMFnNumericData
kBoolean enum valueMFnNumericData
kByte enum valueMFnNumericData
kChar enum valueMFnNumericData
kComponentList enum valueMFnData
kDouble enum valueMFnNumericData
kDoubleArray enum valueMFnData
kDynArrayAttrs enum valueMFnData
kDynSweptGeometry enum valueMFnData
kFloat enum valueMFnNumericData
kInt enum valueMFnNumericData
kIntArray enum valueMFnData
kInvalid enum valueMFnNumericData
kLast enum valueMFnNumericData
kLattice enum valueMFnData
kLong enum valueMFnNumericData
kMatrix enum valueMFnData
kMesh enum valueMFnData
kNObject enum valueMFnData
kNumeric enum valueMFnData
kNurbsCurve enum valueMFnData
kNurbsSurface enum valueMFnData
kPlugin enum valueMFnData
kPluginGeometry enum valueMFnData
kPointArray enum valueMFnData
kShort enum valueMFnNumericData
kSphere enum valueMFnData
kString enum valueMFnData
kStringArray enum valueMFnData
kSubdSurface enum valueMFnData
kVectorArray enum valueMFnData
MFnData(MObject &object, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL)MFnData
MFnData(const MObject &object, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL)MFnData
MFnNumericData(MObject &object, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL)MFnNumericData
MFnNumericData(const MObject &object, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL)MFnNumericData
numericType(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL)MFnNumericData
object(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MFnBase
setData(short val1, short val2)MFnNumericData
setData(int val1, int val2)MFnNumericData
setData(float val1, float val2)MFnNumericData
setData(double val1, double val2)MFnNumericData
setData(short val1, short val2, short val3)MFnNumericData
setData(int val1, int val2, int val3)MFnNumericData
setData(float val1, float val2, float val3)MFnNumericData
setData(double val1, double val2, double val3)MFnNumericData
setData(double val1, double val2, double val3, double val4)MFnNumericData
setData2Double(double val1, double val2)MFnNumericData
setData2Float(float val1, float val2)MFnNumericData
setData2Int(int val1, int val2)MFnNumericData
setData2Short(short val1, short val2)MFnNumericData
setData3Double(double val1, double val2, double val3)MFnNumericData
setData3Float(float val1, float val2, float val3)MFnNumericData
setData3Int(int val1, int val2, int val3)MFnNumericData
setData3Short(short val1, short val2, short val3)MFnNumericData
setData4Double(double val1, double val2, double val3, double val4)MFnNumericData
setObject(MObject &object)MFnBase [virtual]
setObject(const MObject &object)MFnBase [virtual]
type() const MFnNumericData [virtual]
Type enum nameMFnNumericData
~MFnBase()MFnBase [virtual]
~MFnData()MFnData [virtual]
~MFnNumericData()MFnNumericData [virtual]

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