MAngle Member List

This is the complete list of members for MAngle, including all inherited members.

as(Unit otherUnit, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) const MAngle
asAngMinutes() const MAngle
asAngSeconds() const MAngle
asDegrees() const MAngle
asRadians() const MAngle
internalToUI(double internalValue)MAngle [static]
internalUnit()MAngle [static]
kAngMinutes enum valueMAngle
kAngSeconds enum valueMAngle
kDegrees enum valueMAngle
kInvalid enum valueMAngle
kLast enum valueMAngle
kRadians enum valueMAngle
MAngle(const MAngle &src)MAngle
MAngle(double value, Unit u=kRadians)MAngle
operator=(const MAngle &other)MAngle
setInternalUnit(Unit internalUnit)MAngle [static]
setUIUnit(Unit newUnit)MAngle [static]
setUnit(Unit newUnit)MAngle
setValue(double newValue)MAngle
uiToInternal(double uiValue)MAngle [static]
uiUnit()MAngle [static]
unit() const MAngle
Unit enum nameMAngle
value() const MAngle

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