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The Watermark is automatically added to any new project and defaults to the LandXplorer logo.

You can replace the watermark image with your own logo or another image. You can also reposition the watermark in the viewport.

  To work with watermarks

1.Create a new, or open an existing project.
2.In the Objects window, scroll the list of objects until you find Watermark.
3.Enable or disable the Watermark object to control whether it is hidden or visible.
4.In the Object Properties window, you can make the following changes:
Specify a name for the Watermark object and enter a description.
Set the transparency ranging from 0 - 100% where 100% is completely transparent. Default = 0%.
Reposition the watermark in the viewport by one of the following methods;
oDrag and drop the gray box in the preview window.
oEnter new X- and Y-Position values.
Specify new width and height values for the watermark.
5.Click the Change image button to choose a new image to use as your watermark.