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Thank you for choosing Autodesk LandXplorer Studio Professional®!

LandXplorer Studio Professional is an interactive, real-time authoring system that allows you to visualize 3D geospatial data and to effectively create, analyse, manage and distribute geospatial information. It integrates any kind of 2D and 3D geospatial data, including large-scale raster and vector data, as well as 3D city models, into dynamic visual documents called LandXplorer Projects. Additional functionality of the program includes support high-resolution terrain textures, large-scale 3D city models, high quality printing, terrain analysis, animation and digital rights.

With LandXplorer Studio Professional you can interactively visualize land models, equip them with area textures from raster and vector data, or insert additional 2D and 3D objects, logos, watermarks, or legends. You can combine complex information into a single, significant document and perform live recordings (AVI-encoded) while navigating through your model.

We hope and expect that you'll enjoy working with LandXplorer Studio Professional.

Autodesk, Inc.