注: ClipContainerまたはMixerの下にネストされているClipRelationオブジェクトのコレクションを取得する場合は、ClipContainer.NestedRelationsを使用してください。


// get accessor

ClipRelationCollection rtn = Clip.Relations;

JScript の例


	This example shows how to create a ClipRelation 


NewScene(null, false);

// Set up the scene with a cone and translate it in X, Y and Z.

CreatePrim("Cone", "MeshSurface", null, null);

Translate(null, 5.57429595406375, 0.195303936039821, -1.95303936039821E-02, 

	siRelative, siView, siObj, siXYZ, null, null, siXYZ, 

	null, null, null, null, null, null, 0);

// Store the transformation parameter values as a static pose

sParams = "cone.kine.local.sclx,cone.kine.local.scly,cone.kine.local.sclz"

	+ ",cone.kine.local.rotx,cone.kine.local.roty,cone.kine.local.rotz"

	+ ",cone.kine.local.posx,cone.kine.local.posy,cone.kine.local.posz";

StoreAction(null, sParams, 1, "StoredStaticPose", true, 1, 5, false, false);

// Set up the Mixer with 2 tracks, using the same clip but 

// beginning at different frames

SelectObj("cone", null, true);

AddTrack("Scene_Root", "Scene_Root", 0, null, null);

AddTrack("Scene_Root", "Scene_Root", 0, null, null);

var myClip  = AddClip("Scene_Root", "Sources.Scene_Root.StoredStaticPose", 

	null, "Mixer.Mixer_Anim_Track", 19, null, null, null, null);

var myClip1  = AddClip("Scene_Root", "Sources.Scene_Root.StoredStaticPose", 

	null, "Mixer.Mixer_Anim_Track1", 47, null, null, null, null);

// Create a clip relation between the clips on the different tracks

var oRootMixer = ActiveSceneRoot.Mixer;

var myClipRelation = oRootMixer.AddRelation(myClip, myClip1 , "myRelation");

var myRelations = myClip.Relations;

LogMessage( "The number of clip relations nested affecting myClip is: " + myRelations.count );

//INFO : The number of clip relations nested affecting myClip is: 1