OGLMaterial Member List
This is the complete list of members for OGLMaterial, including all inherited members.
GetAmbient() const OGLMaterial
GetClassID() const OGLMaterial [virtual]
GetClassIDName() const CBase
GetDecay() const OGLMaterial
GetDiffuse() const OGLMaterial
GetRef() const CBase
GetShadingModel() const OGLMaterial
GetSpecular() const OGLMaterial
IsA(siClassID in_ClassID) const OGLMaterial [virtual]
XSI::CBase::IsA(const CRef &in_ref) const CBase
IsValid() const CBase
OGLMaterial(const CRef &in_ref)OGLMaterial
OGLMaterial(const OGLMaterial &in_obj)OGLMaterial
operator CRef &()CBase
operator!=(const CBase &in_obj) const CBase
operator=(const OGLMaterial &in_obj)OGLMaterial
operator=(const CRef &in_ref)OGLMaterial
operator==(const CBase &in_obj) const CBase
SetObject(const CRef &in_obj)CBase
~CBase()CBase [virtual]