PPG Demos

This example includes three different plug-ins that show how to build property pages (PPGs).

Example Files


Running the Examples

To run the EmbeddedSynoptic example

  1. Run the command DemoEmbeddedSynoptic.

    This command creates a cone and adds a custom property to the cone. The property page includes an embedded synoptic view.

  2. In the synoptic view, click a sphere to translate the cone. The Increment slider controls how far the object is translated each time you click a sphere. You can reset the translation by clicking the large cone in the synoptic view.

To run the PPGDemos example

To run the SimpleProperty example

  1. Select the scene root or some other 3D object.
  2. On the Model toolbar, click Get > Property > Simple Property Menu menu.

    The plug-in adds the SimpleProperty property to all selected objects (or, if nothing is selected, to the scene root).



This example uses the following keywords:

JScript example, VBScript example, RegisterCommand, ActiveSceneRoot, AddProperty, CustomProperty, AddParameter2, AddParameter3, PPGLayout, AddItem, AddButton, Logic, SetAttribute, LogicPrefix, AddGroup, EndGroup, AddRow, EndRow, InspectObj, PSet.Inspected, NoLabel, ValueOnly, NoSlider, Decimals, Refresh, EditParameterDefinition, siUIFileFilter, siControlFilePath, siUIOpenFile, siUIInitialDir, siUISubFolder, siUIFileMustExist, siUIInitialDir, AddString, InstallationPath, PSet.Scripts.Value, PSet.File.Value, ActiveXObject, Scripting.FileSystemObject, Execute, OnInit, OnChanged, OnClicked, CreateLayout, Curve, Value, Keys, GetKeyValue, AddGeometry, AddCluster, Geometry, Clusters, ActivePrimitive, FindIndex, FcurveData, BinaryData, AddGridParameter, siControlGrid, AddItem, AddEnumControl, SetAttribute, siUINoSlider, SetRowValues, RowValue, ColumnCount, SetColumnLabel, SetRowLabel, SetColumnValues, EndEdit, BeginEdit, AddProxyParam, AddColor, VBArray, Desktop, ActiveLayout, Views, Property Panel, targetcontent, AddFCurveParameter, synoptic, embedded synoptic, property page, PPG, controls, TextEditor, Text, Editor, Scintilla, Folding, Margin, LineNumbering, Numbering, LineWrap, Language, syntax, highlighting, keywords