Inspect ICE Attributes

This C++ example demonstrates how to navigate through the ICE attributes of a geometry or property and how to log all attribute values. The sample code uses a C++ class template to log the values and operates with generic ICEAttribute types.

Example Files


Running the Example

To run the InspectICEAttribute example

  1. Load the CustomICENodes\Data\Project\Scenes\GridWalker.scn file.
  2. Select the grid geometry object.
  3. Click the 'Inspect ICE Attributes' menu item from the 'ICE|Particles|Simulation' menu.
  4. Open the scripting editor and watch the values logged in the history panel.

Building the C++ Example

Softimage SDK includes a compiled version of InspectICEAttributes. If you want to modify the code, you can rebuild the example by following these instructions.

To build the example on Windows

  1. Open a Softimage command prompt, and type devenv to start Visual Studio .NET.

    Starting Visual Studio .NET from an Softimage command prompt ensures that environment variables such as XSISDK_ROOT are set (otherwise you'll get build and link errors).

    Tip To load the InspectICEAttributes project from the command line, type:

    devenv InspectICEAttributes.vcproj
  2. In Visual Studio .NET, open the project file InspectICEAttributes.vcproj.
  3. Select a configuration (Release or Debug) and build the DLL.

To build the example on Linux

  1. In a shell (tcsh) window, type:

    source $XSI_HOME/.xsi_<xsi_version>
  2. Change directories to

  3. To remove all intermediate files before building the example, run this command:

    gmake clean
  4. To compile the example, run this command:



This example uses the following keywords:

C++, ICEAttribute