v9.0 (2011)


Defines how a shader can be used in a render tree. For more information about shader categorization from the user's perspective, see the Softimage user guide.

C# Syntax

StringModule.siShaderFamilyCntContrast                                      // mrContourContrast
StringModule.siShaderFamilyCntMat                                           // mrContourMat
StringModule.siShaderFamilyCntStore                                         // mrContourStore
StringModule.siShaderFamilyData                                             // mrData
StringModule.siShaderFamilyEnvironment                                      // mrEnvironment
StringModule.siShaderFamilyGeometry                                         // mrGeometry
StringModule.siShaderFamilyLens                                             // mrLens
StringModule.siShaderFamilyLight                                            // mrLight
StringModule.siShaderFamilyLightmap                                         // mrLightmap
StringModule.siShaderFamilyOutput                                           // mrOutput
StringModule.siShaderFamilyPhenomMat                                        // mrPhenomenonMat
StringModule.siShaderFamilyPhotonLight                                      // mrPhotonLight
StringModule.siShaderFamilyPhotonMat                                        // mrPhotonMat
StringModule.siShaderFamilyPhotonVolume                                     // mrPhotonVolume
StringModule.siShaderFamilyShadowMat                                        // mrShadowMat
StringModule.siShaderFamilyState                                            // mrState
StringModule.siShaderFamilySurfaceMat                                       // mrSurfaceMat
StringModule.siShaderFamilyTexture                                          // mrTexture
StringModule.siShaderFamilyVolume                                           // mrVolume
StringModule.siShaderFamilyRTShader                                         // xgsRealTimeShader

Constant Value Description
siShaderFamilyCntContrast mrContourContrast mental ray Contour Contrast Shader
siShaderFamilyCntMat mrContourMat mental ray Contour Material
siShaderFamilyCntStore mrContourStore mental ray Contour Store Shader
siShaderFamilyData mrData mental ray Data Blob
siShaderFamilyEnvironment mrEnvironment mental ray Environment Shader (environment phenomenon in a material or camera)
siShaderFamilyGeometry mrGeometry mental ray Geometry Shader (geometry phenomenon)
siShaderFamilyLens mrLens mental ray Lens Shader (lens phenomenon in a camera)
siShaderFamilyLight mrLight mental ray Light Shader (light phenomenon)
siShaderFamilyLightmap mrLightmap mental ray Lightmap Shader
siShaderFamilyOutput mrOutput mental ray Output Shader (output phenomenon in a camera)
siShaderFamilyPhenomMat mrPhenomenonMat mental ray Material Phenomenon
siShaderFamilyPhotonLight mrPhotonLight mental ray Photon Light Shader (photon emitter phenomenon in a light)
siShaderFamilyPhotonMat mrPhotonMat mental ray Photon Material Shader (photon phenomenon in a material)
siShaderFamilyPhotonVolume mrPhotonVolume mental ray Photon Volume Shader (photon phenomenon in a material or camera)
siShaderFamilyShadowMat mrShadowMat mental ray Shadow Material Shader (shadow phenomenon in a material)
siShaderFamilyState mrState mental ray State Shader
siShaderFamilySurfaceMat mrSurfaceMat mental ray Surface Material Shader (material phenomenon in a material)
siShaderFamilyTexture mrTexture mental ray Texture Shader (texture phenomenon)
siShaderFamilyVolume mrVolume mental ray Volume Shader (volume phenomenon in a material or camera)
siShaderFamilyRTShader xgsRealTimeShader Realtime Shader

Applies To

ShaderDef.AddShaderFamily ShaderDef.IsShaderFamily ShaderDef.PrimaryShaderFamily ShaderDef.ShaderFamilies ShaderDef::AddShaderFamily ShaderDef::IsShaderFamily ShaderDef::GetPrimaryShaderFamily ShaderDef::GetShaderFamilies

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