Determines the capabilities of a command.

C# Syntax

siCommandCapabilities.siSupportsKeyAssignment                               // 8
siCommandCapabilities.siCannotBeUsedInBatch                                 // 256
siCommandCapabilities.siNoLogging                                           // 8388608
siCommandCapabilities.siAllowNotifications                                  // 1073741824

Constant Value Description
siSupportsKeyAssignment 8 Supports key assignment. This flag is on by default for any Custom Command.
siCannotBeUsedInBatch 256 Cannot be used in batch mode. Use this flag to tag commands that rely on user input and cannot be executed in batch mode.
siNoLogging 8388608 Not logged in the history log. Use this flag to prevent the command from being listed in the script history when it executes. Setting this flag can be a good performance enhancement for commands that are called very frequently. Note: When enabled, any commands called from within the command will be logged.
siAllowNotifications 1073741824 Allow notifications (refreshing the scene). When this flag is off Softimage will delay updating the scene until after the command has completely executed. This is an important performance enhancement. However in some cases the command may not work properly unless Softimage updates during the course of the command's execution. For example, if a script works well when executed directly from the script editor or as a menu callback, but stops working properly when ported into a Self-Installed Custom Command, then this flag may be necessary.

Introduced in v5.1.

Applies To

Command.GetFlag Command.SetFlag Command::GetFlag Command::SetFlag